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Bikes, (s)cars and broken bones

There is something about the wind in your face as you cruise on the highway at 100 miles/hr on a bike…but unfortunately I havent done it…mostly probably would never be able to…no regrets though..I am more of a person who has done 100 km/hr in our good old highways in India…and goes without saying, have my share of scars and broken bones…but all I can do now is do my own version of Canyon carving in a car…fire up the engines and take it for a spin..a spin that burns rubber. A little drizzle brings so many things to life in so little time..maybe a few smiles, maybe some pain…but definitely makes it easier to slide and glide. With rain pouring down, with the speed going up over a 100 and with the only thing that can be on my mind at any point of time….dint even notice the patrol group hiding in the curves to stop people just like me….well then what, the chase began..the engines roaring past the bushes and the eyes blinding each time a car passes on the opposite side….well after a good 10 mins of this and my evade meter still saying red…couldnt have asked for a better time for a town to show up…pulled the handbrakes up, made a hard left and weaved into the small street which had nothing but flashing yellow lights…dont know where they train these cops cause hell they cant keep up with me hahaha…as I head to the woods after getting some seperation, got a chance to meet my fellows carvers…did some laps around the hills for a while before I realised the clock was ticking life away and the life that I always want may or may not come to me ever after all this…my history on the road was still clean cause my number plate on my car read Carbon…and Carbon doesnt run on Vista. I just wish my wait isnt wasted and continue to do what I have to, till then I hope Microsoft gets Vista upto speed.

Update: Looks like Zune is incompatible with Vista too. Go here to read more.


Thanks Sanky! I had to put it up here :) Now please tell me where I can get the audio CD  and also someone…i mean someone tell me the old original verison of the song and the movie..have it right here but cant seem to put my finger to it :(

Update: Thanks Mots, here is the original version of the song. Raaja rocks and this song was way ahead of its time.


Update : Other songs from the same guys, go here

Update: Original Video:

Code Red

Apple has come out with a new innovative idea for you to contribute…go and buy yourself a Red Nano and Apple would donate $10 to Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. I think its a pretty cool idea…even for someone like me who has stayed away from iPods for so long…not just because of the charity but also for the fact its go pick one for you or your loved one. Also visit for some more stuff that you could buy.


Go Sooners !! Enough said.

Do you know him?

He lays there with a heavy heart. His heart still screaming for a familiar face, a familiar voice. They said he was not alone and they cared, but here he was all alone not knowing the world around him. All that was running through his mind were the images that he never saw, the conversations that he never could have and the times that he never could spend. They always told him that you can reach out to people you know when you need them, but then he wonders why no one showed up..not even the one he most dearly loved. He was confused more than he was worried. He fought the war like no other but always would die for people he loved. He who knows no fear had no answers as solitude dawned on him. A little hope is all he needed, but no one gave him a chance. Maybe he did not deserve any hope, or doesnt deserve to live at all for the things he had done in his long winding life. He couldnt sing, but still had soul. He wasnt dead but still he didnt want to wake up. He had heard of it before but now he knows what it is like when your heart just crumbles and would not want to beat. One day when it stops, no one will know, no one will care. Just like the leaf that makes itself out of this world from the branches of glory, he will fall and pray no one falls like he did. No, its not anyone I know…would never let it happen.

I love 911

Before you guys get jumpy, this ad is a must watch for whoever loves speed..or beauty or just perfection.. enjoy..I must thank Kash for showing it to me…really cheered me up for a bit !

*Update: Ramsoi, I had no idea you were posting ads..waves machi waves..

Wish this was mine..

பேச்சு எல்லாம் தாலாட்டு போல என்னை உறங்க வைக்க நீ இல்லை
நிலவின் ஒளியில் முத்தம் தந்து காலை காபி கொடுக்க நீ இல்லை
விழியில் விழும் தூசிதன்னை நாவால் எடுக்க நீ இங்கு இல்லை
மனதில் எழும் குழப்பம்தன்னை தீர்க்க நீ இங்கே இல்லை
நான் இங்கே நீயும் அங்கே இந்த தனிமையில் நிமிஷங்கள் வருஷமானது ஏனோ
வான் இங்கே நீலம் அங்கே இந்த உவமைக்கு இருவரும் விளக்கமானது ஏனோ….

Vista RC1 Review

I atlast took the courage to put Vista on my system and I must say, I am loving the change. No wonder Microsoft took so long to get this far…I mean they have changed the whole thing..I no longer see the customary file menu on the top for any window and I was kinda lost in the beginning…but all is good. The install took forever, maybe cause my system was huffing and puffing to get the files put in place..but the performance of Vista on my current XP machine is pretty decent…no noticable stutter, other than windows being windows I must me silly, but I just love the bubbles screensaver…have a sneakpeek for you guys here…Apart from the shine and gloss, the one thing I immediately noticed was the audio quality out of the new Media player 11..Also they have pretty cool settings that can be done for the speakers and stuff...have a couple of screenshots of those too somewhere in this post…so all you music lovers out there, its time to switch to 5.1 atleast on your pc cause this baby can rock…I will continue to update with things as and when I find them but as of now, I think its time for a change and I like the direction..Last but not least, Madden, COD2, BF2, FEAR all run on Vista…no directx issues like I had before…so enjoy !

For all who perish..

Its Sep 11th again…another year, same day….Its brought a new significance for the people in the United States and around the world…it was a rude awakening for all peace loving people, who thought if you dont do anything bad, you will have a good life….well that was proved wrong…there are a lot of political reasonings for what happened, but at the end of it, it was innocent lives that were lost…we are starting to mark our calenders with dates like 9/11, 7/7 or 7/11…but at the end of it, its the brutal killing of innocence…The sad part about today is when I think back, my one question is still unanswered…why do people do what they do…It beats me what they gain from killing children, women, fathers and mothers…..and it still hasnt stopped….even after the so called war against terrorism, it still exists in every corner of the world….I first had the title for this post as “For all who perished..” but we lose people everyday in these violent acts…so I hope that day comes soon when we can put all this violence behind us…I wish well for all who lost their loved ones and hope they have found new reasons and challenges to live for…peace.

Look who is back !

After a slow, difficult and exhausting two months of my life, I am still here and I am baack…ah well lets start with the new software thats draggin Google Earth to the ground..yes and its none other than by NASA….go figure…after all, thats what we would or should expect from the rocket makers hehehe…..anyways, its called World Wind and its a free download…but I must say, its not very user friendly or maybe I have just gotten use to Google Earth so much…but try it out, its awesome and comes with bells and whistles…if you are wondering what they are then here is a hint, why stop with Earth ;) So go ahead and click here to download your copy.