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For all who perish..

Its Sep 11th again…another year, same day….Its brought a new significance for the people in the United States and around the world…it was a rude awakening for all peace loving people, who thought if you dont do anything bad, you will have a good life….well that was proved wrong…there are a lot of political reasonings for what happened, but at the end of it, it was innocent lives that were lost…we are starting to mark our calenders with dates like 9/11, 7/7 or 7/11…but at the end of it, its the brutal killing of innocence…The sad part about today is when I think back, my one question is still unanswered…why do people do what they do…It beats me what they gain from killing children, women, fathers and mothers…..and it still hasnt stopped….even after the so called war against terrorism, it still exists in every corner of the world….I first had the title for this post as “For all who perished..” but we lose people everyday in these violent acts…so I hope that day comes soon when we can put all this violence behind us…I wish well for all who lost their loved ones and hope they have found new reasons and challenges to live for…peace.


Is that statement true? I think the statement should have been, "We dont want to lose what we already have"…there are so many things in this world that we know that we take for granted…we are so engrossed in our little needs that we fail to see the world that surround us…I mean, at the point when we are craving for a candy there is someone who is actually fighting for his/her life….I dont mean that we should feel guilty of having the pleasures we do, but a thought of the unfortunate for a minute everyday wont hurt us….In this world where paper is valued more than anything, sometimes just thoughts arent good enough…this whole string of thought happened when I was travelling back home yesterday after work…I was talking to an elderly gentleman who lost his eye sight in his mid thirties…he said, "its easier if you havent seen the world at all, the toughest thing for me being blind right now is the feeling that I was able to see it before…" Today I decided to experience it myself…I wanted to see the world of the blind and the only reason I was able to do it honestly was the fact that I could choose to see anytime I wanted to…I could not tell you how hard it was…I taped my eyes with cotton and concealed with glasses…I absolutely had no idea who was looking at me…and what they were thinking…I could hear the noises around me and knew what they were..but couldnt see them…I for once appreciated the fact that the buses when they arrive in the stop, say the bus number aloud…never did I pay attention to that before…crossing the road is so intimidating and I could never tell if they wanted me to cross or if they waiting to run over me….the one thing I thought we should have is an audio alert when you have the little green man for the pedestrians…again, I could handle myself through these just because all I had to do to see again was remove the tape…I always knew the most courageous people where the ones who are less fortunate but now I know for a fact…I should say, we people who have things that we take for granted and dont respect the world we see are the less fortunate…cause god bless their souls, they help us see what we refuse to see….So I guess, what we want…we already have…we just want more.

Me, Bob and Christ

For the authenticity of the story and dialogues, the characters' names have not been changed and also a disclaimer attached that the views are entirely pointless and no judgements are being made….ok now that we got that out of the way, this was when me and Bob were grabbing a drink in Rattlesnake…ah well yes I ordered a milkshake, so glad you had to bring that up that I cant drink grrrrr….anyways here is how the evening went…

<me>   Hey Bob, did I keep ya waiting !?
<Bob> Ah well I used the time to grab a couple of more drinks, so no regrets…
<me>  Jeni, can I get my drink plisss? (Well Jeni makes this amazing milkshakes and I bet there is more to it than just milk and shake |-)
<Bob> I am so bum'd out man…people do and say whatever they feel like…
<me>  Is that your drink talking my friend !?
<Bob> Nah man….people are attacking my religion, my beliefs..for make some money..
<me>  Ahem…err…what the hell are you talking about !
<Bob> Well, I went to this movie last nite with my wife and she had to drive on our way back..
<me>  what you fell asleep!? haha
<Bob> I was just soo upset !
<me>  Aah…did the 9/11 movie trailor upset you..? cause I thought that movie is unnecessary and a cheap shot in making some money…
<Bob> Nope…went to see the DaVinci Code…
<me>  hmmm…..<I can see where this is going>
<Bob> How can they make a movie that shakes the foundation of our religion…!
<me>  hmmm…I am guessing you dont agree that Jesus was married…?
<Bob> Ofcourse yes ! how can that be ! Its not possible..Its not right…
<me> mean to say marriage is something impure that lord cannot be a part of?
<Bob> huh what?
<me>  I mean, everybody gets married right..? you wish your close friend to have a happy married life..then why does the idea of Jesus being married disturb you so much..?
<Bob> The god doesnt need to get married to be happy ! he has the world to take care of….
<me>  then why do people call your wife the better half of you…? will it not then make Jesus a better god if he was married…
<Bob> its all a bunch of bull****…she is not my better half or anything
<me>  If you understand a woman, you have conquered more than half of the you agree..?
<Bob> watever man…I just want to get drunk cause I am upset with the whole dont know how it feels to know that your god was married..
<me>  Excuse me…the gods that I have been brought up to worship all have wives and some have more than one….and one even has like a thousand girlfriends…but thats not the point…

Just then, guess who drops by our table, none other than Christ himself

<me>   Bob ! look who is here…wake up wake up <pour cold water in his face>
<Bob> Whoa….you are real….how…but then….why….is it true..?
<Lord> I will let history tell you the tale…so no comments..
<me>   Jeni, get me one more of my drink…the lord is here!
<Bob> So are you going to sue them for making the movie? we are all protesting against the movie for your sake…
<Lord> What in my name are you talking about!? I dont go around su'ing people ! Its just a movie ! go enjoy it…eat a bucket sized popcorn and drink a bottemless coke and watch the movie !
<me>  <hahaha chuckling> I completely agree with you Lord, I dont know why these people are protesting for a ban ! hahahaha
<Lord> Oh you dont get me started on that my young fella..
<me>   uh-oh <did I chuckle too much…did I make him mad>
<Lord> I visited your country earlier today and they are protesting against a movie too!
<me>   hmmm..errr….the same movie rite..?
<Lord> Nope…some movie named "Fanaa"..and the silliest thing is the movie has nothing to do with the protest !
<Bob>  hahahahahaha now thats funny…tell me more tell me more…
<me>   <atlast something made this guy laugh huh>
<Lord> Well everyone has their chance to act stupid and everyone has the right to be wrong sometimes…but they just should'nt take that right for granted..
<me>   Thanks Lord for dropping by and putting some sense into this peanut brain :)
<Bob> Well, I am done and I am going home to my better half…you are gonna grab the check right…?
<me>  Ah well why not…after all I can pay for the lord…

The following morning we realised it was all a big hallucination cause we got "drunk" but the point which was made stuck to us….fiction is fiction and movies are just movies….

Deja Vu

Deja Vu: The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

We all believe, atleast most of us to do, that there is a superior power above us who controls the untangibles…but sometimes you catch a glimpse of what is ahead or what just happened in a far far away land…people who know me know that this is not something new for me….but others just think I am plain crazy :| …..this thing has got me thinking about the cycle of life….what if God is just too lazy to write a new script everytime and instead he is just recycling the scripts for all of us…like we have gone through exactly the samething over and over and over again…..the mind is a monkey so we just dont get it….and all these glimpses or feelings of deja vu are just spots of our memory that remembers things that have happened over and over and over again…there are a lot of loose ends to this arguement though…like for instance, how do we explain the advancement mankind has made…or how can we have lived the same way in stone age and now for the things to be repeated…one thing I can think of right away is, we probably are looking at a smaller time frame….maybe the timeline included in the script is far larger than we thought and only God knows how many times we have passed stoneage to nuclear…maybe he is just getting ready for the climax in the whole big movie of his….so like the famous dialogue in Matrix, "..choice is an illusion given to man…" and so maybe our life is all scripted…we all fight to make it happen and make a difference….when the difference has already been defined…I have to mention my close friend and I experience this all the time….but its kinda deja vu mixed with unbelievable coincidences….he also suggested that we stop talking to eachother cause its weirding us out lol….which I dont think is happening…afterall I have to mess with people's mind…you ask how I know? well I read my part in the script and I remember :)

War – for peace or to punish?

Everything we do is for love and peace…so we claim…but can we ever deny the fact that some place within there is a selfish side of us that takes joy in punishing and inflicting pain….there is always a dark side in humans, some have it more prominent than the rest….I guess that depends on how you choose to live and how you choose to be remembered….and its always easier to be evil than to be a saint….the war(s) that are taking place all around the world these days…and mind you, I am not making/taking/have a political agenda for these statements, but all the wars and blood shed claim that its for an everlasting peace and goodwill…how far ahead is it..? Will we have peace only when all who live in the land have been wiped out or have been left crippled and so cant fight anymore..? I come from a family which has a couple of distant relatives who honestly believe Gandhi was a bad & a selfish man to have done what he did…I respect their opinion and doesnt mean I agree…it takes a lot of determination to do the right thing…if every individual who has a difference in opinion decides to fight, then we are in for a lotta fun….actually fun isnt what I would like to call it…Eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind said the wiseman…so how do we justify any kind of war in this age and time….Are the wars really for peace? or are they because of our jealousy or dislike or just plain hatred that needs to be satisfied by punishing others…so if you ask me, war is never for peace…its always to punish..

Ennaiyum arasiyalvaadi…..

Un ninaivu nenjile…Manam oonjal aaduthey
Oru moochukaatru pol…Nee ennil kalanthathean
En vazhkai engayo…Dhisai maari povathean
Nan engu selkirean…endru theriyavillayae

Kangal parthidamalae…Nindru pesidamalae
Oru Kanavu polavae…Ni vanthu povathean
Innum enna solvathu…Varthai illai ennidam
manathil thondriathellam…Ingu kavithai aanathey

I have been blank for a few days…started to write something…but wasnt sure if I could…but apparently I will sometime this weekend….but from nowhere listening to some of my favorites..I began to think…yes think…which people say I do too much..which I dont deny…but do all the right things have to take time and go to a critical point before something is done…I wonder…I dont claim myself to be a nature buff..there are more responsible people doing that…but the ones in power need to listen to what these people have to say…Personally I look at our planet and feel guilty with things what we do out here when we are supposed to savour for our future generations….I know its not practical for everyone to not start their cars in the morning…but dont we have to have a plan for anything to happen or change….there are countries which have taken the initiative in the direction…and I am really proud that India will have the most number of eco-friendly, self sufficient in energy companies in a few years….I walk home after work and I see people driving a Hummer, not H3, not H2 but H1…not with 10 people like its equipped to handle…heck not even two….but its about time we make a turn and I honestly think we are…the hybrid vehicle sales have gone up and people are actually realizing the fact that nature and its gifts arent like a bottomless coke in one of their Mc Ds…lets be the part of the cure…and not the disease…

*Inspired by Coldplay-Clocks (2002)

Innocence is expensive : Lack of knowledge or understanding; ignorance. : The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed

Being innocent is sometimes the best you can be…but where do we draw the line between being innocent and ignorant of things….Sometimes I feel being ignorant is the best way to preserve innocence but will the world even respect you if you are ignorant…but people pay millions to prove themselves innocent…its funny when we do things and are never thinking about the consequences until its too late…and when things go wrong they just go wrong all the way…coming back to the thing we started with again….Ignorance is bliss…so they say..the wisemen…but its human nature to explore new things and people, who generally should be wiser as they can learn from others' mistakes, tend to try everything on their own…..the funny part comes when all the things that people try arent good…so they end up losing whats one of the expensive things in the world… rule of thumb I guess is, dont do anything that your mom wont be proud about….with that i rest my case.

Say if its cruel or not

There are things that we have grown to know over the years that we cant take it any other way…not complicated things but just plain simple stuff…ok here is the thing..I was walking back from the gym one evening and saw a pretty lady walking two cute little dogs on the other side of the road…well I crossed the road to have a closer look..not for a closer look at the pretty lady but the two little dogs….the next few minutes were the most shocking thing I have ever been lately…these two little dogs are barking at me but there is no sound of them barking….I mean for a second I thought I had my headphones on but no ! there is no sound but they are barking….well then I pulled up a little courage to ask the lady what it was all about…she said, they had to debark it since they lived in an apartment ! I mean its like putting your TV on mute..the only difference is dog is a living thing like us ! I just couldnt believe that at this age when people are talking about animal rights they do this…

Balance in imbalance

How does the world work? How do various unrelated things work towards the same goal…survival. How do things co-exist and still follow the principle of survival of the fittest…well these are way too vague and are out of scope for this scribbling (haha ok ok just wanted to remind you of the text from the Algorithms text book)…but jokes aside, I came across something that really amazed me and to me kinda made sense…that was to feel at home when at war…its like training yourself on a cardio machine and training your heart for higher rates…so that you wont pass out if you happen to run for your life in the cycle of survival of the fittest….but why would we do that…I mean it got me thinking…if you had a quite, calm stretch in your life would you enjoy it to the fullest or stay level headed and train/plan yourself for the worse…I guess that depends on what kind of person you are….believe it or not you will find about yourself in the most unusual circumstances….now dont laugh…Age of empires…well thats where I found out what I like to do at different situations…I mean you dont actually lose anything and we all know its just a game but still the way you approach it completely depends on your comfort level for risks and uncertainty….I did a brief study if you may call it having a bunch of people play and all they had to do was win and trust me I was 80% correct in outlining their discomfort in uncertainty….I guess its harder done than said to find balance in imbalance but I sure feel that its the way to go in this mysterious yet unforgiving future on planet Earth….