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Medal of Honor: Airborne

I caught a glipmse of the most awaited MOHAB last night…I was totally disappointed with the Pacific Assault version of MOH that our clan still plays MOHAA with Breakthrough Expansion :( But looks like MOHAB is worth the wait…hopefully it should release in Jan like its supposed to and not be postponed again like it has been so far…I dont know about you guys but we are gearing up with the hardware for the clan to go back to clan wars on MOHAB :) Click here for a sneak peek !


Code Red

Apple has come out with a new innovative idea for you to contribute…go and buy yourself a Red Nano and Apple would donate $10 to Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. I think its a pretty cool idea…even for someone like me who has stayed away from iPods for so long…not just because of the charity but also for the fact its go pick one for you or your loved one. Also visit for some more stuff that you could buy.

Vista RC1 Review

I atlast took the courage to put Vista on my system and I must say, I am loving the change. No wonder Microsoft took so long to get this far…I mean they have changed the whole thing..I no longer see the customary file menu on the top for any window and I was kinda lost in the beginning…but all is good. The install took forever, maybe cause my system was huffing and puffing to get the files put in place..but the performance of Vista on my current XP machine is pretty decent…no noticable stutter, other than windows being windows I must me silly, but I just love the bubbles screensaver…have a sneakpeek for you guys here…Apart from the shine and gloss, the one thing I immediately noticed was the audio quality out of the new Media player 11..Also they have pretty cool settings that can be done for the speakers and stuff...have a couple of screenshots of those too somewhere in this post…so all you music lovers out there, its time to switch to 5.1 atleast on your pc cause this baby can rock…I will continue to update with things as and when I find them but as of now, I think its time for a change and I like the direction..Last but not least, Madden, COD2, BF2, FEAR all run on Vista…no directx issues like I had before…so enjoy !

Look who is back !

After a slow, difficult and exhausting two months of my life, I am still here and I am baack…ah well lets start with the new software thats draggin Google Earth to the ground..yes and its none other than by NASA….go figure…after all, thats what we would or should expect from the rocket makers hehehe…..anyways, its called World Wind and its a free download…but I must say, its not very user friendly or maybe I have just gotten use to Google Earth so much…but try it out, its awesome and comes with bells and whistles…if you are wondering what they are then here is a hint, why stop with Earth ;) So go ahead and click here to download your copy.

iPen – Nothing to do with Apple

Not sure how many of you have tried using that digital pen that logitech came out with…..well it was not state of the art but it was an innovation..I came across this iPen concept…again its a concept, so dont go around looking for it in stores ;)….and I have no clue why everyone has to put an “i” infront of their products nowadays ! I understand iPod is a big hit and blah blah blah…but why ! anyways looks like a pretty nice design and has some cool features to it and you can read more about it here …Also dont forget to check out their other products…I must say, I am impressed…

Like a ray of light

I was browsing through the net just like any other day and trying to get some meaningful information from all the ad-filled sites and like a ray of light I discovered that Google made its new announcement…Yes Google Finance is out !! Its amazing how Google can take something and make it real simple and nonsense no fuss….just plain information in the most pleasing format..go and check it out at The best thing(s) about it is that you can search for a category and get all the companies with their symbols for that category….so for a newbie like me (trust me I am one), I dont have to know all the companies if I want to venture into a new industry…Google is there to tell me who are up to the task and give me their details along with the pictures for the main ppl…lol the pics part was a little cheesy but ya it does show you that anyways…except for Steve Jobs though…lol…its amazing how they merged all their tools to play a part in this…for example, Google Maps provides the view of the physical company…Google News gives the latest new about the company and much much more…and all this in one single crisp page…hats off to you Google and thanks again !! by the way try grabing the graph and moving to the sides and watch the news get updated automatically…I know…simple things really excite me…:p

Google Earth

Google is atlast here, not that it did it from scratch but used the previously known keyhole product…so now we have keyhole+google maps in one and the best of it all..the basic version is a free download…so go chk it out…Google Earth

DVD Decrypter

Hey guys…was searching for a tool to copy DVDs and save it to my hard-drive…came across this DVD Decrypter tool…I used it couple of times…it seems to be pretty cool till now…saves the dvd as an ISO image and I just use the daemon tools to load the image to play the movie….I have not tried to write dvds using it but looks like it can do that too…


Hey ppl hope u all doin good….ok I have been playin with this VOIP for sometime now…For those who are looking up and down hearing VOIP, here is what it is, Voice over IP……or in other simpler words which i could have used – Digital phone. Basically it hooks up to your router or cable modem and tada (for those who remember the sound from the early windows boxes) you have got urself a phone…so now that the basics are done…I was wondering like everyone else…this just hooks on to the net and you get ur phone line and the location doesnt matter for the number you want to have…now having said that…I began testing my guesses…..most of us away from home spend so much (atleast considering its a phone bill) on calling India….so if only we could have a digital phone in India with a number local to Boston….aaah that would be sweet and technically it should work…rittte…u get my drift I am sure….so I have had this digital phone for a while now and one of my friends happened to visit India for holidays….so this was a chance that I couldnt miss for my little experiment….so I packed an “adapter” needed to hook up any phone to the net with him and he hooked it up from there…I got a Boston number and assigned to it that “adapter” already….so he called me…I called him….that simple…and it worked good….just a local call to Chennai to Boston…..But here is a part that messes me up….Its not working lately….I have not been able to get to a conclusive reason of why….If any of you ppl who happen to read this think they know a reason….write a commment and lemme know…..till then I will solidify my reasons why it stopped working !


Looking for an mp3 Playa !?

Hey guys I dont know why ppl go ga ga ga over an seriously it has more cons than pros..Yes I do agree its from Apple and hell ya it looks good…but dont you think an mp3 players needs to be more practical than to just look good ! My vote is for Dell Jukebox..ya ya laugh along but when you see the comparison you will know you were wrong to laugh in the first place….Unlike others I scratched off iPods without a need to try cause..well few reasons might be that it doesnt play wma duh !and it plays music for what like 7.5 hours max !? Well I dont know about you guys but thats a no brainer to take offf the list..Now i started off with a handful..couple of rios, nomads and DJs…ended up with Creative Nomad on one hand and Dell DJ on the other….Nomad just hung up on me several times and I had to take a paper clip with the player to reset it everytime so that went out of the window…Dell DJ is full of surprises…has a whopping almost 18 hours battery life….plays anything that plays in your computer….has an inbuilt mic for you to record…lets you use it as an external hard drive…reasonably priced and doesnt look that bad ! So get yourself a Dell DJ if you are lookin to get hooked up with a mp3 playa….