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Cars – The review

So yes, I was one of the thousands who stormed into the theatres to watch a movie that I have been waiting for a loooooong time…and I thoroughly wasnt disappointed…I might be a little biased on this review 'cause for me anything on four wheels is a marvel and to top it off, if you surprise me with Schumi actually giving the voice for a Ferrari, thats some serious points for the movie ;)….ok enough with my ranting and lets get to the movie shall we….Its amazing how Pixar gives life to its characters and then tops it off with the amazing visuals..after the first few frames you forget that those are cars with their eyes on their windsheilds and talk with their bumpers as their mouth….some how you start connecting to those little things…When its all said and done, the show belongs to my man, Larry the Cable guy…who is the voice for Mater, the tow truck…I just love his standup routines and his Blue collar group gigs but I must say, he fit perfectly for the tow truck…for some reason, my Need for Speed fans, pay close attention to the tracks that McQueen and Sally go for a ride on….and tell me if doesnt remind of the tracks from the NFS-Porche Unleashed…especially by the waterfall…I almost felt like, aaah I have been there ;)…..there are few scenes that could have been avoided in the in the first 10-15mins you have McQueen dreaming about being the next golden boy, and the same routine is repeated just by switching McQueen with his rival….apart from that, this one by Pixar is just close to my heart 'cause I am crazy about cars…but, I dont think will come out to be the household "aaaw" story like Finding Nemo…You will know what I mean when you watch the movie…So people, go and watch the movie in theatres…do not miss it and last but not the least, how about them tractors hahaha :)…..

<stay for the credits…or you will miss some of the funniest scenes>


IMF: Impossible Mission Force

Like everyone, started off the summer movie list by going to MI:III…honestly did not regret it…I like my Mission Impossible movies to be funny and not so serious…apart from inbetween chukles this part was too nail biting for a MI movie….I guess this is what happens when MI tries to meet James Bond…the evening was made better when I got back home and had Duel playing on TV….for guys'n'gals out there who havent seen this…go to the video store and rent it out…you wont be disappointed…so overall the movie evening was fulfilled by watching an azzkickin movie and was topped off by a classic….so cant complain..last but not least Cruise had to copy Virumandi for a getup change muhuhahaha….ok ok…have fun at the movies ! Rating: B+

Thank you for reading

Yuppie !! its that time of the week again when I write about movie of the week…I know..its getting to get be a regular thingy now lol…there we were sitting around on a lazy saturday afternoon deciding on what movie to watch over the weekend and tada we found out a long awaited movie…by us atleast…was out !! next thing we know we were trying to get the showtimes for the movie in the best theatre in town and to our surprise its a limited release and not all theatres released it and not on the regular number of shows !! grrrr we were furious and ended up going to Kendall cinema..which is by the way a good theatre but they bascially run all arty movies…you get the drift…so there we were munching away our popcorn and hoping we dont regret the effort.. the first frame where they used the old cigarette packings for the titles I had a good feel about the movie and the movie is great…very original..very down to earth..very funny actually…if you find out its releasing in any kinda of a theatre near by dont think twice…go for it..its a refreshing experience….heres' to all who want a different prespective every week ! The movie you shld hunt for is "Thank you for smoking"

There are times when you are caught off guard…then there are times when you want to be caught off guard…the talk of illusion and reality is still fresh in our minds…damn we had to sit through Matrix for the second round to understand what the hell was going on….that was when we were caught off guard….aah now you realised what I am talking about here !! Expectations are a part of life and how we deal with the reality in the end is the key…well anyways one thing is for sure, if you know what you are doing then you can have a masterpiece with all the cheesy things around you….I first looked at the trailor a while back and thought to myself…why ! why ! WHY !! ’cause it was the cheesiest theme and trailor i had seen….the guy wears a mask and goes around killing people….for some reason the first thing that came to my mind is Daredevil…people who saw that movie, I am real sorry and I am glad you are ok now….I assumed we have seen the best revenge movie one could make in Kill Bill and why out of all people the Matrix guys were doing this…I went into the movie hall screaming V for Vending Machine !!…but those were the last words I spoke for the next couple of hours….I firmly believed during the Matrix days that the success of that trilogy was not because of anyone else other than Mr.Smith and the idea ofcourse…so I am glad we have both in the new one….Its amazing how he leaves an impression w…nah i dont want to play a spoiler to the movie….The idea of the whole movie is idea itself….idea doesnt have an identity….doesnt need or take a form….its just an idea….I would give it five stars if someone asked me but people who happen to read this post….you do not want to miss it….and by the way, its high time someone gave an award for Natalie Portman instead of Reese watever….Enjoy the movie – “V for Vendetta


Writing reviews is not my style…not what I do…but what the hell must give credit when its due…First when I heard the name Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the first thing that came to my mind was the rip off that he made…if you guys didnt know, it was Aks…a scene by scene rip off from the mindblowing original – The Fallen….So as you can see I didnt have a lot of respect for the guy…the only reason why I thought I would give his latest flick a shot was ofcourse A R Rahman….most of them listen to his songs but I listen to his background scores…so kinda had to see the movie….like everyone, I was blown away by the freshness in the songs….wanted to see if it was done justice on the screen….Now coming to the whole reason why I thought I shld write this…give the man the respect cause we have a winner here…I cant tell you how much higher the bar is set now for Hindi movies now….Even after this if skin flicks like Murder and the whole bunch of crap movies become hits…then what can I say….God save us….I am not going to talk abt any particular scene or the performance of any particular artist as everyone is brilliant…and also honestly its not abt them….its much more than that which you will realise when you watch it….I saw ppl crying during the movie which is rare for a Hindi movie….atleast has been a while….If you want to see more movies like this, you shld go and watch this on theater cause otherwise dont blame them for making crappy movies later on….and by the way the movie we are talking abt is Rang De Basanti…go watch it…I know I am going again before it leaves town….