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When will we learn?

Humans – we claim ourselves to be superior to other living things on the planet…and one of the reason we give is that we are capable of making decisions by considering right and wrong, also we learn from studies performed by our fellow humans….I bumped into an article today in CNN which I thought was very disturbing and which defies our superiority among others…The article can be found here…its about not one..not two…but 400 dolphins were found dead on the coast of Tanzania….The most disturbing part of this news apart from the poor dolphins being dead is the cause of their death…Seems like the sonar that US Navy uses have been warned of such dangers and here is an excerpt from a previous statement that they had made –

"To avoid more significant harm, Navy officials promise to use shipboard observers and fish-finding sonar to make sure no marine mammals or sea turtles are within a kilometer of a sonar broadcast. Should a whale come too close, the sonar would be shut off, they say." – Click here for complete article.

So after making this statement few years ago, they kill 400 dolphins! As you can see the warning was not made a few months ago….it was made like 4 or 5 years ago…but then why didnt the Navy respect the facts and do something about it ! Also, this was not the first incident…they had already killed a bunch of sealife successfully earlier…..what is with the humans that make us so indifferent…we cant stop killing eachother and we dont let things that doesnt interfere with our lives alone either….so does this all add up to us being smarter than living beings with only five senses..? naah I dont think so….Addtional article about this can be found here


Ready to burst?

What else can we geeks talk abt other than google when there is a rumor of a google “cube” coming out…I have always loved google for their no nonsense applications and for their motto of do no evil…but at one point last year they got me questioning thier creative ability….hold on, dont judge me so fast…having launched their maps tool, they started using their APIs to create some rather dumb applications…..for example, they had a map showing the locations of cab companies when u search for them….I mean, why would you need their location…wouldnt it be sufficient to just have their phone numbers?!…its not like you are going to walk to the nearest location and take a cab….never did understand the idea behind that…i guess I never will…they are now acting like the company we all grew to hate – Microsoft…the one thing i hated microsoft for is that they just had money and they would buy whoever was intelligent enough to create something worth while and not to forget include the bugs that never existed ;)…but when I hear google recently has been doing the same thing, I am heart-broken…is the google we all loved changing their outlook now….they bought a image search company….they bought picasa…what happened to the days when they invested in brand new efficient ideas to provide us with tools….I guess they have grown to a size that they really dont care abt what ppl think…i hope they get back to their basics and not venture into uncharted territory just by buying third party stuff…by the way, I still love google ;)…

Casinos Vs Stock Market

are they the same beast in different disguises….maybe…maybe not…but I think both are additive and can take ur money away…and i guess thats were the similarities end…I believe or I shld say learnt to believe that world favours the bravest…and mind you, its bravest, not stupid…i guess we are at a point of life where we know the difference ;)…its all abt how much money you are ready to lose…or in other much you wont mind losing to get more, which you wont necessarily need anyways but wont mind having…so i guess the most important part is not how much you make out of our “gamble” but where you draw the line of how much you can live without…but then, if its so clear then why do ppl end up losing all that they own in gambling or in the market…now dont tell me there arent many like that but..cause u know there are a bunch and i dont know if they have a name for it already like lactose intolerant….who knows…you never know….but then thats what seperates brave from the stupid….so at the end of it, I guess stock market is a better place to lose than in a casino, cause for one…hmmm…ur odds are better to make some money and two…you are much more sober when trying to read the company financials than when you are trying to pray for a dice in a house of smoke…so go ahead take some risks and may all end well…peace..