There is something about the wind in your face as you cruise on the highway at 100 miles/hr on a bike…but unfortunately I havent done it…mostly probably would never be able to…no regrets though..I am more of a person who has done 100 km/hr in our good old highways in India…and goes without saying, have my share of scars and broken bones…but all I can do now is do my own version of Canyon carving in a car…fire up the engines and take it for a spin..a spin that burns rubber. A little drizzle brings so many things to life in so little time..maybe a few smiles, maybe some pain…but definitely makes it easier to slide and glide. With rain pouring down, with the speed going up over a 100 and with the only thing that can be on my mind at any point of time….dint even notice the patrol group hiding in the curves to stop people just like me….well then what, the chase began..the engines roaring past the bushes and the eyes blinding each time a car passes on the opposite side….well after a good 10 mins of this and my evade meter still saying red…couldnt have asked for a better time for a town to show up…pulled the handbrakes up, made a hard left and weaved into the small street which had nothing but flashing yellow lights…dont know where they train these cops cause hell they cant keep up with me hahaha…as I head to the woods after getting some seperation, got a chance to meet my fellows carvers…did some laps around the hills for a while before I realised the clock was ticking life away and the life that I always want may or may not come to me ever after all this…my history on the road was still clean cause my number plate on my car read Carbon…and Carbon doesnt run on Vista. I just wish my wait isnt wasted and continue to do what I have to, till then I hope Microsoft gets Vista upto speed.

Update: Looks like Zune is incompatible with Vista too. Go here to read more.