He lays there with a heavy heart. His heart still screaming for a familiar face, a familiar voice. They said he was not alone and they cared, but here he was all alone not knowing the world around him. All that was running through his mind were the images that he never saw, the conversations that he never could have and the times that he never could spend. They always told him that you can reach out to people you know when you need them, but then he wonders why no one showed up..not even the one he most dearly loved. He was confused more than he was worried. He fought the war like no other but always would die for people he loved. He who knows no fear had no answers as solitude dawned on him. A little hope is all he needed, but no one gave him a chance. Maybe he did not deserve any hope, or doesnt deserve to live at all for the things he had done in his long winding life. He couldnt sing, but still had soul. He wasnt dead but still he didnt want to wake up. He had heard of it before but now he knows what it is like when your heart just crumbles and would not want to beat. One day when it stops, no one will know, no one will care. Just like the leaf that makes itself out of this world from the branches of glory, he will fall and pray no one falls like he did. No, its not anyone I know…would never let it happen.