I atlast took the courage to put Vista on my system and I must say, I am loving the change. No wonder Microsoft took so long to get this far…I mean they have changed the whole thing..I no longer see the customary file menu on the top for any window and I was kinda lost in the beginning…but all is good. The install took forever, maybe cause my system was huffing and puffing to get the files put in place..but the performance of Vista on my current XP machine is pretty decent…no noticable stutter, other than windows being windows I must say..call me silly, but I just love the bubbles screensaver…have a sneakpeek for you guys here…Apart from the shine and gloss, the one thing I immediately noticed was the audio quality out of the new Media player 11..Also they have pretty cool settings that can be done for the speakers and stuff...have a couple of screenshots of those too somewhere in this post…so all you music lovers out there, its time to switch to 5.1 atleast on your pc cause this baby can rock…I will continue to update with things as and when I find them but as of now, I think its time for a change and I like the direction..Last but not least, Madden, COD2, BF2, FEAR all run on Vista…no directx issues like I had before…so enjoy !