Its Sep 11th again…another year, same day….Its brought a new significance for the people in the United States and around the world…it was a rude awakening for all peace loving people, who thought if you dont do anything bad, you will have a good life….well that was proved wrong…there are a lot of political reasonings for what happened, but at the end of it, it was innocent lives that were lost…we are starting to mark our calenders with dates like 9/11, 7/7 or 7/11…but at the end of it, its the brutal killing of innocence…The sad part about today is when I think back, my one question is still unanswered…why do people do what they do…It beats me what they gain from killing children, women, fathers and mothers…..and it still hasnt stopped….even after the so called war against terrorism, it still exists in every corner of the world….I first had the title for this post as “For all who perished..” but we lose people everyday in these violent acts…so I hope that day comes soon when we can put all this violence behind us…I wish well for all who lost their loved ones and hope they have found new reasons and challenges to live for…peace.