Is that statement true? I think the statement should have been, "We dont want to lose what we already have"…there are so many things in this world that we know that we take for granted…we are so engrossed in our little needs that we fail to see the world that surround us…I mean, at the point when we are craving for a candy there is someone who is actually fighting for his/her life….I dont mean that we should feel guilty of having the pleasures we do, but a thought of the unfortunate for a minute everyday wont hurt us….In this world where paper is valued more than anything, sometimes just thoughts arent good enough…this whole string of thought happened when I was travelling back home yesterday after work…I was talking to an elderly gentleman who lost his eye sight in his mid thirties…he said, "its easier if you havent seen the world at all, the toughest thing for me being blind right now is the feeling that I was able to see it before…" Today I decided to experience it myself…I wanted to see the world of the blind and the only reason I was able to do it honestly was the fact that I could choose to see anytime I wanted to…I could not tell you how hard it was…I taped my eyes with cotton and concealed with glasses…I absolutely had no idea who was looking at me…and what they were thinking…I could hear the noises around me and knew what they were..but couldnt see them…I for once appreciated the fact that the buses when they arrive in the stop, say the bus number aloud…never did I pay attention to that before…crossing the road is so intimidating and I could never tell if they wanted me to cross or if they waiting to run over me….the one thing I thought we should have is an audio alert when you have the little green man for the pedestrians…again, I could handle myself through these just because all I had to do to see again was remove the tape…I always knew the most courageous people where the ones who are less fortunate but now I know for a fact…I should say, we people who have things that we take for granted and dont respect the world we see are the less fortunate…cause god bless their souls, they help us see what we refuse to see….So I guess, what we want…we already have…we just want more.