For the authenticity of the story and dialogues, the characters' names have not been changed and also a disclaimer attached that the views are entirely pointless and no judgements are being made….ok now that we got that out of the way, this was when me and Bob were grabbing a drink in Rattlesnake…ah well yes I ordered a milkshake, so glad you had to bring that up that I cant drink grrrrr….anyways here is how the evening went…

<me>   Hey Bob, did I keep ya waiting !?
<Bob> Ah well I used the time to grab a couple of more drinks, so no regrets…
<me>  Jeni, can I get my drink plisss? (Well Jeni makes this amazing milkshakes and I bet there is more to it than just milk and shake |-)
<Bob> I am so bum'd out man…people do and say whatever they feel like…
<me>  Is that your drink talking my friend !?
<Bob> Nah man….people are attacking my religion, my beliefs..for make some money..
<me>  Ahem…err…what the hell are you talking about !
<Bob> Well, I went to this movie last nite with my wife and she had to drive on our way back..
<me>  what you fell asleep!? haha
<Bob> I was just soo upset !
<me>  Aah…did the 9/11 movie trailor upset you..? cause I thought that movie is unnecessary and a cheap shot in making some money…
<Bob> Nope…went to see the DaVinci Code…
<me>  hmmm…..<I can see where this is going>
<Bob> How can they make a movie that shakes the foundation of our religion…!
<me>  hmmm…I am guessing you dont agree that Jesus was married…?
<Bob> Ofcourse yes ! how can that be ! Its not possible..Its not right…
<me> mean to say marriage is something impure that lord cannot be a part of?
<Bob> huh what?
<me>  I mean, everybody gets married right..? you wish your close friend to have a happy married life..then why does the idea of Jesus being married disturb you so much..?
<Bob> The god doesnt need to get married to be happy ! he has the world to take care of….
<me>  then why do people call your wife the better half of you…? will it not then make Jesus a better god if he was married…
<Bob> its all a bunch of bull****…she is not my better half or anything
<me>  If you understand a woman, you have conquered more than half of the you agree..?
<Bob> watever man…I just want to get drunk cause I am upset with the whole dont know how it feels to know that your god was married..
<me>  Excuse me…the gods that I have been brought up to worship all have wives and some have more than one….and one even has like a thousand girlfriends…but thats not the point…

Just then, guess who drops by our table, none other than Christ himself

<me>   Bob ! look who is here…wake up wake up <pour cold water in his face>
<Bob> Whoa….you are real….how…but then….why….is it true..?
<Lord> I will let history tell you the tale…so no comments..
<me>   Jeni, get me one more of my drink…the lord is here!
<Bob> So are you going to sue them for making the movie? we are all protesting against the movie for your sake…
<Lord> What in my name are you talking about!? I dont go around su'ing people ! Its just a movie ! go enjoy it…eat a bucket sized popcorn and drink a bottemless coke and watch the movie !
<me>  <hahaha chuckling> I completely agree with you Lord, I dont know why these people are protesting for a ban ! hahahaha
<Lord> Oh you dont get me started on that my young fella..
<me>   uh-oh <did I chuckle too much…did I make him mad>
<Lord> I visited your country earlier today and they are protesting against a movie too!
<me>   hmmm..errr….the same movie rite..?
<Lord> Nope…some movie named "Fanaa"..and the silliest thing is the movie has nothing to do with the protest !
<Bob>  hahahahahaha now thats funny…tell me more tell me more…
<me>   <atlast something made this guy laugh huh>
<Lord> Well everyone has their chance to act stupid and everyone has the right to be wrong sometimes…but they just should'nt take that right for granted..
<me>   Thanks Lord for dropping by and putting some sense into this peanut brain :)
<Bob> Well, I am done and I am going home to my better half…you are gonna grab the check right…?
<me>  Ah well why not…after all I can pay for the lord…

The following morning we realised it was all a big hallucination cause we got "drunk" but the point which was made stuck to us….fiction is fiction and movies are just movies….