Deja Vu: The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

We all believe, atleast most of us to do, that there is a superior power above us who controls the untangibles…but sometimes you catch a glimpse of what is ahead or what just happened in a far far away land…people who know me know that this is not something new for me….but others just think I am plain crazy :| …..this thing has got me thinking about the cycle of life….what if God is just too lazy to write a new script everytime and instead he is just recycling the scripts for all of us…like we have gone through exactly the samething over and over and over again…..the mind is a monkey so we just dont get it….and all these glimpses or feelings of deja vu are just spots of our memory that remembers things that have happened over and over and over again…there are a lot of loose ends to this arguement though…like for instance, how do we explain the advancement mankind has made…or how can we have lived the same way in stone age and now for the things to be repeated…one thing I can think of right away is, we probably are looking at a smaller time frame….maybe the timeline included in the script is far larger than we thought and only God knows how many times we have passed stoneage to nuclear…maybe he is just getting ready for the climax in the whole big movie of his….so like the famous dialogue in Matrix, "..choice is an illusion given to man…" and so maybe our life is all scripted…we all fight to make it happen and make a difference….when the difference has already been defined…I have to mention my close friend and I experience this all the time….but its kinda deja vu mixed with unbelievable coincidences….he also suggested that we stop talking to eachother cause its weirding us out lol….which I dont think is happening…afterall I have to mess with people's mind…you ask how I know? well I read my part in the script and I remember :)