Everything we do is for love and peace…so we claim…but can we ever deny the fact that some place within there is a selfish side of us that takes joy in punishing and inflicting pain….there is always a dark side in humans, some have it more prominent than the rest….I guess that depends on how you choose to live and how you choose to be remembered….and its always easier to be evil than to be a saint….the war(s) that are taking place all around the world these days…and mind you, I am not making/taking/have a political agenda for these statements, but all the wars and blood shed claim that its for an everlasting peace and goodwill…how far ahead is it..? Will we have peace only when all who live in the land have been wiped out or have been left crippled and so cant fight anymore..? I come from a family which has a couple of distant relatives who honestly believe Gandhi was a bad & a selfish man to have done what he did…I respect their opinion and doesnt mean I agree…it takes a lot of determination to do the right thing…if every individual who has a difference in opinion decides to fight, then we are in for a lotta fun….actually fun isnt what I would like to call it…Eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind said the wiseman…so how do we justify any kind of war in this age and time….Are the wars really for peace? or are they because of our jealousy or dislike or just plain hatred that needs to be satisfied by punishing others…so if you ask me, war is never for peace…its always to punish..