Ferrari Logo Atlast, we the people who love the bright red machine were pleased by its performance over the weekend…how many days and how many months have gone by without the sound of the air horns in the neighbourhood…but those days seem to be gone…atleast I would like to believe in it….I mean if you happen to see the race, you would agree that red had all the answers for the blue & yellow…it was a 2 seconds the other way last year and it was two seconds our way this year….thats all its about…winning and who better knows it than Micheal…I was in a dilemma wether to go to Indy this year…but now there is no thinking twice….cant wait to go and wave the big red flag ! also I am just glad that Button's car didnt blow up after the mishap in the pitlane…that would have scarred the amazing race for us Ferrari fans…Go red !