: Lack of knowledge or understanding; ignorance. : The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed

Being innocent is sometimes the best you can be…but where do we draw the line between being innocent and ignorant of things….Sometimes I feel being ignorant is the best way to preserve innocence but will the world even respect you if you are ignorant…but people pay millions to prove themselves innocent…its funny when we do things and are never thinking about the consequences until its too late…and when things go wrong they just go wrong all the way…coming back to the thing we started with again….Ignorance is bliss…so they say..the wisemen…but its human nature to explore new things and people, who generally should be wiser as they can learn from others' mistakes, tend to try everything on their own…..the funny part comes when all the things that people try arent good…so they end up losing whats one of the expensive things in the world… rule of thumb I guess is, dont do anything that your mom wont be proud about….with that i rest my case.