Yuppie !! its that time of the week again when I write about movie of the week…I know..its getting to get be a regular thingy now lol…there we were sitting around on a lazy saturday afternoon deciding on what movie to watch over the weekend and tada we found out a long awaited movie…by us atleast…was out !! next thing we know we were trying to get the showtimes for the movie in the best theatre in town and to our surprise its a limited release and not all theatres released it and not on the regular number of shows !! grrrr we were furious and ended up going to Kendall cinema..which is by the way a good theatre but they bascially run all arty movies…you get the drift…so there we were munching away our popcorn and hoping we dont regret the effort.. the first frame where they used the old cigarette packings for the titles I had a good feel about the movie and the movie is great…very original..very down to earth..very funny actually…if you find out its releasing in any kinda of a theatre near by dont think twice…go for it..its a refreshing experience….heres' to all who want a different prespective every week ! The movie you shld hunt for is "Thank you for smoking"