How does the world work? How do various unrelated things work towards the same goal…survival. How do things co-exist and still follow the principle of survival of the fittest…well these are way too vague and are out of scope for this scribbling (haha ok ok just wanted to remind you of the text from the Algorithms text book)…but jokes aside, I came across something that really amazed me and to me kinda made sense…that was to feel at home when at war…its like training yourself on a cardio machine and training your heart for higher rates…so that you wont pass out if you happen to run for your life in the cycle of survival of the fittest….but why would we do that…I mean it got me thinking…if you had a quite, calm stretch in your life would you enjoy it to the fullest or stay level headed and train/plan yourself for the worse…I guess that depends on what kind of person you are….believe it or not you will find about yourself in the most unusual circumstances….now dont laugh…Age of empires…well thats where I found out what I like to do at different situations…I mean you dont actually lose anything and we all know its just a game but still the way you approach it completely depends on your comfort level for risks and uncertainty….I did a brief study if you may call it having a bunch of people play and all they had to do was win and trust me I was 80% correct in outlining their discomfort in uncertainty….I guess its harder done than said to find balance in imbalance but I sure feel that its the way to go in this mysterious yet unforgiving future on planet Earth….