There are times when you are caught off guard…then there are times when you want to be caught off guard…the talk of illusion and reality is still fresh in our minds…damn we had to sit through Matrix for the second round to understand what the hell was going on….that was when we were caught off guard….aah now you realised what I am talking about here !! Expectations are a part of life and how we deal with the reality in the end is the key…well anyways one thing is for sure, if you know what you are doing then you can have a masterpiece with all the cheesy things around you….I first looked at the trailor a while back and thought to myself…why ! why ! WHY !! ’cause it was the cheesiest theme and trailor i had seen….the guy wears a mask and goes around killing people….for some reason the first thing that came to my mind is Daredevil…people who saw that movie, I am real sorry and I am glad you are ok now….I assumed we have seen the best revenge movie one could make in Kill Bill and why out of all people the Matrix guys were doing this…I went into the movie hall screaming V for Vending Machine !!…but those were the last words I spoke for the next couple of hours….I firmly believed during the Matrix days that the success of that trilogy was not because of anyone else other than Mr.Smith and the idea ofcourse…so I am glad we have both in the new one….Its amazing how he leaves an impression w…nah i dont want to play a spoiler to the movie….The idea of the whole movie is idea itself….idea doesnt have an identity….doesnt need or take a form….its just an idea….I would give it five stars if someone asked me but people who happen to read this post….you do not want to miss it….and by the way, its high time someone gave an award for Natalie Portman instead of Reese watever….Enjoy the movie – “V for Vendetta