I was browsing through the net just like any other day and trying to get some meaningful information from all the ad-filled sites and like a ray of light I discovered that Google made its new announcement…Yes Google Finance is out !! Its amazing how Google can take something and make it real simple and crisp..no nonsense no fuss….just plain information in the most pleasing format..go and check it out at http://finance.google.com/ The best thing(s) about it is that you can search for a category and get all the companies with their symbols for that category….so for a newbie like me (trust me I am one), I dont have to know all the companies if I want to venture into a new industry…Google is there to tell me who are up to the task and give me their details along with the pictures for the main ppl…lol the pics part was a little cheesy but ya it does show you that anyways…except for Steve Jobs though…lol…its amazing how they merged all their tools to play a part in this…for example, Google Maps provides the view of the physical company…Google News gives the latest new about the company and much much more…and all this in one single crisp page…hats off to you Google and thanks again !! by the way try grabing the graph and moving to the sides and watch the news get updated automatically…I know…simple things really excite me…:p