Life is a journey and mostly feels like it has more downs than ups lol…..i think that was funny…dont you think!?….ah well ok I am not going real serious on you guys but I think if we were being honest about the day today life then abt eighty percent of the time being good is not good enough…so what does it take for us to be what we want be….or I guess what I am trying to say is how to prove your worth….both in personal and professional areas of life…..there is always someone looking down on us….thinking of us as someone who is not good enough, when we know we are….at some point we become guilty of the same thing tooo….I am not denying that…we think ourselves being better than most people…but again thats a few ppl who dont know what I am talking abt….We have have been taught to be polite, humble and always ready to help…but over a period of time, we tend to feel like we have been wasting time following those footsteps….there are ppl who dont care abt how they get to their goal as long as they get there….so people reading this think abt it ! ppl who are good at heart are reducing in numbers so save our clan ! lol…I guess at the end of the day all that matters is how you feel abt urself and most of the time we are honest when we reflect on our actions….I guess thats what keeps us sane….like a so called superstar (Ranjinikanth, personally I am a Kamal fan :P) says…”God will give a lot to bad ppl, but give up on them in the end. But God tests good ppl all the time, but never gives up on them.” Sorry Tamizh makkalae! had to translate it for our international audience! lol…so we shld understand that being good is never going to enuf…ppl will question your ability..your character..your patience….but proving them wrong and moving forward is the reward ! So all the best to everyone ! Peace and be good….