Writing reviews is not my style…not what I do…but what the hell must give credit when its due…First when I heard the name Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the first thing that came to my mind was the rip off that he made…if you guys didnt know, it was Aks…a scene by scene rip off from the mindblowing original – The Fallen….So as you can see I didnt have a lot of respect for the guy…the only reason why I thought I would give his latest flick a shot was ofcourse A R Rahman….most of them listen to his songs but I listen to his background scores…so kinda had to see the movie….like everyone, I was blown away by the freshness in the songs….wanted to see if it was done justice on the screen….Now coming to the whole reason why I thought I shld write this…give the man the respect cause we have a winner here…I cant tell you how much higher the bar is set now for Hindi movies now….Even after this if skin flicks like Murder and the whole bunch of crap movies become hits…then what can I say….God save us….I am not going to talk abt any particular scene or the performance of any particular artist as everyone is brilliant…and also honestly its not abt them….its much more than that which you will realise when you watch it….I saw ppl crying during the movie which is rare for a Hindi movie….atleast has been a while….If you want to see more movies like this, you shld go and watch this on theater cause otherwise dont blame them for making crappy movies later on….and by the way the movie we are talking abt is Rang De Basanti…go watch it…I know I am going again before it leaves town….