Hey ppl I am back in my blog to eat ur heads out…..well like everyone else out in cold winter….scraping the windshield…shovellin snow from the drive way….you get pretty tired by the time you get to work trust me….well in the middle of all this, one old man walks up to me and has a conversation….asking me if I was from India…duh do I look american was my first reaction…but we had a pretty good talk and he mentioned the fact that most of the dream sequences in Indian movies are in the snow and I mentioned that I didnt like snow that much…out of the blue I told him that…ppl dont see snow in India, so its a dream and so anything dreamy is in the snow…I dont know where that came from but he was convinced and that is when my monkey mind started thinking again…..what are dreams…or lets narrow it down…lets just take pleasant dreams….if you think about it…its usually things that you like and you either dont have it with you or lost it somewhere….they say realise your dream…now I am just gonna play with the sentence here…most of this need not make any sense rite…if you have already had something then why do you have dreams abt it…is that ’cause you miss that so much…but if you do then why are we not there anymore…well after all this..I realized I have had a long day and needed some rest rite away….but next time you dream…think about it…you will know what you want out of this little time we spend down here and we will really know when ppl say…May all your dreams come true…..Peace..