Hey ppl, I hope I find you all in good health….Like everyone who turns to FM for easy listening at work and sometimes when driving….I have been fed a $h!t load of crap lately…..whats happening to the ppl who is churning out music…is it all about the money like everything else is….I thought music was something more pure…but looks like everyone who has a bank account can cut an album….and if by chance they get one song rite..they become the pop idols and celebrities…and guess what, they start touring….be real do you even know what it takes for a live performance….I am sure most of you saw the College National title game between USC and OU, and by the way I still mourning OU’s loss…During the halftime show ppl literally had to run to save their capabilities of hearing….Yup it was ’cause of the same Ashlee Simpson who was grilled for lip-syncing on a “live” show…..I hope U2 comes out with an album more often and please someone send the Scorpions back and whatever happened to the “Sweet child of mine”….I hope they all come back breaking these Simpsons and Britneys and all the ppl who are just wannabes…no wonder ppl dont buy these nonsense albums….Now dont get me wrong….I love music and looks like we have to save the the good ones for future use ’cause doesnt seem like a lot of good ones are ahead of us…..Now here are some recommendations from the recent ones I listened to….
1. U2 – How to Dismantle an atombomb
2. Maroon 5 – Songs about Jane
3. Usher – COnfessions
4. Greenday – American Idiot
And note…I am not mentioning songs…but the whole albums…now thats what I am talking about….I am still crying why Creed went seperate ways….there quite a few artists who can bring out the best for us…just hope they dont get out numbered…..Peace..