Hey ppl hope u all doin good….ok I have been playin with this VOIP for sometime now…For those who are looking up and down hearing VOIP, here is what it is, Voice over IP……or in other simpler words which i could have used – Digital phone. Basically it hooks up to your router or cable modem and tada (for those who remember the sound from the early windows boxes) you have got urself a phone…so now that the basics are done…I was wondering like everyone else…this just hooks on to the net and you get ur phone line and the location doesnt matter for the number you want to have…now having said that…I began testing my guesses…..most of us away from home spend so much (atleast considering its a phone bill) on calling India….so if only we could have a digital phone in India with a number local to Boston….aaah that would be sweet and technically it should work…rittte…u get my drift I am sure….so I have had this digital phone for a while now and one of my friends happened to visit India for holidays….so this was a chance that I couldnt miss for my little experiment….so I packed an “adapter” needed to hook up any phone to the net with him and he hooked it up from there…I got a Boston number and assigned to it that “adapter” already….so he called me…I called him….that simple…and it worked good….just a local call to Chennai to Boston…..But here is a part that messes me up….Its not working lately….I have not been able to get to a conclusive reason of why….If any of you ppl who happen to read this think they know a reason….write a commment and lemme know…..till then I will solidify my reasons why it stopped working !