Hey guys I dont know why ppl go ga ga ga over an iPod..no seriously it has more cons than pros..Yes I do agree its from Apple and hell ya it looks good…but dont you think an mp3 players needs to be more practical than to just look good ! My vote is for Dell Jukebox..ya ya laugh along but when you see the comparison you will know you were wrong to laugh in the first place….Unlike others I scratched off iPods without a need to try cause..well few reasons might be that it doesnt play wma duh !and it plays music for what like 7.5 hours max !? Well I dont know about you guys but thats a no brainer to take offf the list..Now i started off with a handful..couple of rios, nomads and DJs…ended up with Creative Nomad on one hand and Dell DJ on the other….Nomad just hung up on me several times and I had to take a paper clip with the player to reset it everytime so that went out of the window…Dell DJ is full of surprises…has a whopping almost 18 hours battery life….plays anything that plays in your computer….has an inbuilt mic for you to record…lets you use it as an external hard drive…reasonably priced and doesnt look that bad ! So get yourself a Dell DJ if you are lookin to get hooked up with a mp3 playa….