Its a cold day today…not as cold as I thought it would be…got into the train and paid for my ticket and TC gave a dollar extra for change and walked away…Holding the change in my hand waiting for him to walk by again so that I can return the extra buck he gave to me, I began to wonder….Would it have been different if it was a 10 dollars instead of 1 dollar…would I have been waiting for the him to return it..? or what if it was 100 or even a 1000..? I was surprised to feel different when I thought what if its 1000 or 10,000…and had a strange force that told me to just think of it as my lucky day and enjoy the bonus…but I wonder… is that normal…does honesty and principle really change with the situation…? It should not is what I am taught as a kid but what if it does and is there a definite point at which a person who does the right thing all the time will not think twice to do the wrong…? If you ask me…I dont know…If its true then that means anything in this world has a price… but they say you can’t put a price on everything…So here I am again at yet another crossroads that has left me thinking…..and FYI i did return the dollars back to him and I dont know if you can put a price for the smile on his face….