Have you been browsing endlessly to find out the best digital camera that you can afford and that has the value for its money !? Look no further…you get best of both worlds at a resonable price and tons of features that you can show off to your friends….Canon Powershot Pro1 is the answer. You can use it as a regular point and shoot camera or if you want to shoot pics like you will using your SLR, and yes its almost a Digital SLR without having to pay too much… Here is a link that gives you the complete description of the camera… http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canonpro1/ I spent like 650 bucks on this baby and let me tell ya, its worth every penny… There is still a lot to learn about the various features and I am already excited with things it can do…… will try to post some pics later on sometime….till then peace…