Everybody who has a passion towards programming has a debate with others or within thier minds…which is better – Microsoft or the Unix counterpart……I have had my share of it and most of the time…..when I say most of the time..almost everytime I was successful in convincing people that Unix and its family was better than Microsoft….until recently. I had an arguement with one of my friends who is not into computers as I am or as most of my other friends are….and I dont mean to be a Microsoft basher like many…but ya I do hate XP sometimes…..until recently. Yes, we like it when we can type commands instead of clicking funny icons like a novice user….Yes, we like it when we write our own utilities and not worry about “hidden” code that the OS has…. Yes, we definitely like to script all our work and run it from one single program…. but we, the programming community, do not form the whole of the end user community….. Now thats where Microsoft hit a jackpot…with its smart trade-off. Yes I hear you..almost everyone uses computers today in all walks of life..but how many of them really care how it works or actually like working on those dumb boxes ! People dont care about anything if they get their work done…… and even better if they can get it done by clicking a few funny icons here and there….But again I still have not given the arguement….the fight is on and the arguement continues….. urs, ShivA